INMESA - Rearview mirrors, spare parts and accessories for buses and industrial vehicles


INMESA - Rearview mirrors, spare parts and accessories for buses and industrial vehicles
INMESA Quality is not an objective but an evidence based on a committed mentality and formed from the basic pillars of our system.

Part of these pillars are:
Compliance with the needs and requirements of our customers including legal and regulatory in a sustainable way to achieve their satisfaction.
The complete and priority commitment of the Management with the quality management system, and the training and motivation of the personnel to integrate and participate in it. 
The stability of the processes with the consequent increase in productivity and profitability, establishing action plans and programms aimed at prevention through Continuous Improvement.
The planning of specific objectives that will be reflected annually which guide us towards excellence.
Collaboration in the development of the Quality Management Systems of our Suppliers with the objective of fulfilling the established requirements.

To ensure all this, INMESA has the guidelines defined in ISO 9001:15 and IATF 16949:16, as well as those contained in the Specific Customer Requirements (CSR).

The search, identification and solution of the needs of our customers will be based on a close collaboration of the three parties that influence the Process: the customer, INMESA and its suppliers. It is on this basis that the main work of the organization is developed, which is under continuous review for continuous improvement, based mainly on the assessment indicators.


INMESA respects the Environment and rationally manages its waste, complying with current legislation. According to this commitment, the most appropriate environmental management is determined to foresee and limit the environmental impacts of its activities and to promote guidelines for both labor and private action in line with the guidelines defined in the ISO 14001:15 standard (2021 certification).

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