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!Rebel.Buil Award Ceremony


!Rebel.Buil Award Ceremony
!Rebel.Buil Award Ceremony !Rebel.Buil Award Ceremony !Rebel.Buil Award Ceremony

Miquel Puig, President of the Jury of the !Rebel.Build Challenge, presented the award to Aran Anyó i Bolea, winner of the first edition.
!Rebel.Build is an open innovation competition led by INMESA, in its ongoing commitment to achieve smart and sustainable mobility.
The scooter has become one of the key vehicles for making people's mobility more flexible and agile in large cities around the world. It has also relieved congestion in cities and relieved the burden on traditional transport systems with minimal energy consumption.
At the same time, however, the lack of appropriate parking facilities represents a challenge and limits its growth potential.
The 'Aparcament de Patinets' project presents an innovative solution to solve this problem.
The project 'Aparcament de Patinets' presented to the challenge !REBEL.BUILD has been chosen as the winner by the Jury, after analyzing the merits in the sections subject to consideration by the Jury:
- Preliminary analysis study
- Design improvement proposal
- List of components (boom)
- List of investments
- Final report with a mock-up and/or prototype
The Jury has valued very positively the quality and the ideas presented by the participants to the Challenge and appreciates the generous participation of all.

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INMESA - Rearview mirrors, spare parts and accessories for buses and industrial vehicles

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