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Design, engineering and manufacturing of rear-view mirrors and components

We are very pleased to present our corporate catalog. We work hard to offer our customers the best products and services to satisfy their needs. In this catalog you will find all the general information you need about our company, products, features and services.


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Exterior rear view mirror

Exterior rear view mirror

Increased safety and functionality: Explore our advanced exterior rear-view mirrors

We offer customized exterior mirror solutions for all types of vehicles, from agricultural and construction vehicles to buses, trucks, electric and municipal vehicles.

Our mirrors are manufactured from high quality, durable materials, allowing them to withstand the harshest road conditions.

Thanks to our ability to offer customized solutions, we can ensure that the mirror you receive is perfectly tailored to your vehicle's needs.

CMS and ADAS: Vehicle Camera and Monitor Systems

Advance with our Digital Rearview Mirrors and Rear View Cameras for next-generation assisted driving.

Discover how our range of Digital Rearview Mirrors and Camera Monitoring System (CMS) revolutionize the safety and efficiency of your operations. As leading hardware manufacturers, we ensure quality and durability in every product.

We partner with software experts to provide you with a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution. Streamline your operations with seamless integration of advanced digital rearview mirror technology and a state-of-the-art CMS.

Raise the bar in safety and efficiency with our innovative platform.

Inside rear view mirror

Inside rear view mirror

Drive with confidence: discover our interior mirrors for a safe driving experience

Discover our wide selection of high-quality interior mirrors for all types of vehicles, from buses and coaches to trucks and commercial vehicles. We have a variety of options manufactured with durable materials and fasteners that are designed to enhance vision and road safety.

In addition, we offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of your vehicle, ensuring you have a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Mass production of injection components

Efficient Production and Quality: Specialized Solutions for Long-Run Injection Molding Parts

Maximize your production capacity. We specialize in producing more for less. By leveraging economies of scale, strategic investments, and continuous improvements, we achieve optimal production and reduced costs. With our efficient approach, we ensure uncompromising quality. Trust us to exceed your production goals.

Electronic Products

Electronic Products

Instant Connectivity and Clarity: Explore Our Range of USB Chargers and Customized Luminous Signals

Discover an exceptional electronic experience for your vehicles with our wide range of products, including USB Chargers and Luminous Signs.

In an increasingly connected world, we understand the importance of having fast and reliable charging on the go. Our customizable USB Chargers are specifically designed to fit vehicles, providing optimal charging speeds for your mobile devices while you're on the road.

Our personalized luminous signs offer an effective and eye-catching solution to highlight important information within the vehicle. Whether it's indicating warning signs, displaying personalized messages, or enhancing your car's style, our luminous signs are designed to meet your specific needs.

Short-Run Series

Streamlined and Agile Production: Specialized Solutions for Short-Run Series

Don't limit your manufacturing capabilities. We adapt to your quantity needs. We employ various low-investment production systems, such as additive manufacturing, fiber and resin molds, thermoforming molds, among others. With our wide range of options, we offer flexibility and efficiency to bring your projects to life, regardless of the required quantity.

Discover how to surpass limitations and achieve outstanding results with our expertise in customized solutions.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks

Improve the safety and durability of your wheels with our wheel chocks.

The wheel wedge is a really useful accessory in case you stop your vehicle on a steep slope, because it will prevent the vehicle from rolling downhill. Wheel chocks are also used when a tire is replaced and the parking brake is faulty.

The part of the wheel wedge that makes contact with the tire is grooved to prevent it from slipping out of place when subjected to a heavy load.

Made of strong materials, the wheel chock provides a solid and secure support for your vehicle.

Product Catalog No.22

Discover the perfect solution for your vision needs with our variety of products

Discover the quality and variety of our mirror products and components with our catalog.

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Our catalog is designed to summarize and simplify our entire product range and the information you need in one place.

Although we have much more to offer, if you don't find what you need or require more specific or additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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INMESA - Rearview mirrors, spare parts and accessories for buses and industrial vehicles

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