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R+D+i: Rear view mirror

R+D+i: Rear view mirror

Improve your vehicle's visibility, safety and personality with custom mirrors

INMESA's engineering department is made up of highly qualified engineers and staff, prepared to meet the needs of customers and make developments according to current regulations.

INMESA has all the capacity to carry out a project from the conception of the idea to the final production, going through all the stages of the process. These include development, 3D design, finite element analysis and prototyping. Once the product is accepted and validated by the customer, it enters the production phase.

The whole process is always coordinated with the same team so that the customer does not have to worry about the different phases of the process.

Rear-view mirrors:

Tailor-made solutions. We adapt to your vehicle needs. Accompanying you from the first idea to series production.   
  • Field of vision study. From the design of the vehicle, we calculate the different fields of vision required. 
  • Design of the internal structure of the rear-view mirror. We propose the internal structure based on the positioning of the windows and the fixing points of the vehicle. 
  • Exterior design of the mirror. We develop the exterior concept and adapt it to the design of your vehicle.
  • We make prototypes to finish perfecting the mirror. Performing a test of validation and aesthetics on vehicle. 
  • Industrialization. We proceed to the industrialization with the manufacture of the definitive molds, quality tests and preparation for the production with definitive means. Production.
  • Service and delivery of the rear-view mirror for assembly on your vehicle.

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INMESA - Rearview mirrors, spare parts and accessories for buses and industrial vehicles

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