INMESA - Rearview mirrors, spare parts and accessories for buses and industrial vehicles

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Boost your success with the combination of intelligence and creativity

Innovation arises when intelligence and creativity are combined, resulting in original and efficient solutions to the challenges we face. Creative intelligence allows us to see things differently, finding new ways to address problems and seize opportunities. It is the key to success in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing world.

Innovation is the engine of progress and creative intelligence is the force that drives that engine.

Creative intelligence is not just about having good ideas, but also about knowing how to implement them effectively. It involves working in teams, collaborating with others, and having the ability to adapt and learn constantly. Moreover, creative intelligence goes beyond cognitive skills and also includes emotional and social aspects, such as empathy, conflict resolution and effective communication. Innovation is the result of applying creative intelligence in all these areas, which allows us to face challenges in an innovative and efficient way.

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INMESA - Rearview mirrors, spare parts and accessories for buses and industrial vehicles

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